About Shaquanda

Shaquanda Coco Mulatta was born at The Slide (a former bar on the Bowery) in 2005, an alter ego developed by Andre Springer, who lives mostly in the 4th dimension. Shaquanda is a downtown nightlife performer providing an audience with shows that are "hood avant-garde." Why the name Shaquanda? Why not? Shaquanda is a celebration of Bed-Stuy.  

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce made their first appearance at Bushwig in 2013 when Simon Leahy (the event's organizer) asked Shaquanda to perform, Shaquanda would only do it if she was able to perform in the mouths of others. Enlisting the graphic design help of long-time collaborator Dominic Mondavi, the Bushwig blend was created; a hot sauce creation made specifically for Bushwig, a performance of flavor in context to the event. Later that evening, Shaquanda and friends strolled the streets of Bushwick - shopping cart and all - serving sauces to randoms, performing in the mouths of strangers she would never see again.

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce is about flavor and heat. Each batch is unique, Using mostly Fresh ingredients, the season plays a role in how flavors are pronounced. We use fresh chili peppers for a well rounded intense heat, that is paired with the robust flavor of onions and tomatoes, and finally, a gentle creep of heat to the back of your throat and into the nose. This is a condiment and a cooking/seasoning sauce. Don't be afraid to dump a tablespoon in a stew you are cooking, or even a marinade for your steak before grilling. Let Shaquanda into your home, and in your kitchen, for a performance you will never forget.